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Valetine's Day Makeup Look | Savira Millenita

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Hi guysss ! If you enjoy the video don’t forget to click the LIKE button and if you have any questions/critics/suggestions please leave it on the comment section below and lastly don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :) Find me on Instagram : saviramillenita Snapchat : saviramillenita Ask.fm : smillenita THANKS FOR WATCHING ! Have a good day guyssss :))))
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Text Comments (20)
ZZS goodmood (3 months ago)
Cara menghilangkan kantung mata donk kak
Yussi Cici (3 months ago)
lip creamnya apa kak?
Arva Arvanda (4 months ago)
Ci mau saran ya ci, cici kl bikin make up tutorial kacanya jngn kebesaran dong ci hehe soalnya kadang nutupin muka cici😹 But I like your make up❤
Elaine faustine (4 months ago)
Bikin 10.000 kalori challenge sav
Gita Marisa (4 months ago)
Simpel sihhh... Tapi bagus.. 😍
Anisa Putri (4 months ago)
selalu lucu dan selalu suka
Putri Wulansari (4 months ago)
Simple and look natural, great I want to try, thanks ka udah share videonya😊
Anita Dwi Wahyuni (4 months ago)
kak itu lipstiknya wardah yang shade apa?
Savira Millenita (4 months ago)
Anita Dwi Wahyuni no 15 pink plumise sayang
Junisa Hijriahni (4 months ago)
Gak menor tapi tetep cantik ..lile it 😍😍
Lyvia Samsung (4 months ago)
Wowww cantikk
ipink cantip (4 months ago)
simple tpi cntik banget ka😍😍
Pudin Wallker (4 months ago)
rali bob
Safira Sabrina (4 months ago)
Keren 👍
Prassilia Eka Putri (4 months ago)
Third coment
Prassilia Eka Putri (4 months ago)
Third coment
Nova Etania (4 months ago)
Scndddd comment 😂
Savira Millenita (4 months ago)
Nova Etania ❤❤❤❤❤
Fiol 892 (4 months ago)
Firts Coment😂
Savira Millenita (4 months ago)
Idiot Twins yay ❤

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