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All products made with Aloevera? Super Cheap + Effect

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Hello sunshines! Have you thought of using every products made with aloevera? Well I did, I wanted to try everything made with aloevera and wanted to share with you so here is my first impression, hope you like it! Products used: Befista Cleansing water Befista Eye & Lip makeup remover Nature Republic - Cleansing gel foam From Nature - Gel mist / toner Aloe Eye gel Dabo - Moisturiser Nature Republic - Aloevera gel mask Come say hi... Instagram: (GDiipa) https://www.instagram.com/gdiipa/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gdiipamakeupandskincare/?ref=settings Blog: http://www.gdiipa.com/ For business, please email at: Email: [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How to enhance your beauty without using too much makeup - Beauty Makeover" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS1F6TjBkWM -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Other than Once. (6 days ago)
For Malaysian, Grab your Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel here -> https://www.instagram.com/koreanproductmalaysia/ 🕊 Price : 🍃 RM27 (add RM7 for postage) . # 🌷 [100% ORIGINAL FROM NATURE REPUBLIC KOREA]
Korlina ina (9 days ago)
Ya aloe vera is good..i already use on my face..its working...my face us glowing.
Andini Nurrahmayani (11 days ago)
Hai dipa.. I'm a new fans from indonesia. Thank you so much . I love it , All your video . Now, using all produk from nature republic .. from basic . Please tell me step by step to use nature republik ginseng royal silk watery cream and essence ?
raven sheen daniel (13 days ago)
Where can I buy all of the products u use?
Pickles Madz (18 days ago)
Hi mine is 95% aloe vera same brand
Rimsha Khalid (24 days ago)
I love my aloe Vera 😍
demon slayer (29 days ago)
Goodluck to your facial hair.
GURUNG DIIPA (29 days ago)
I haven’t seen any differences although I know some people has noticed extra hair growth
Paula Teves (1 month ago)
Do you have any link for the products used? I tried searching in Amazon and some of them don't appear. I really want to try this kind of skin care~ Thanks very much!
Dearest Juliet (1 month ago)
where to buy those products?
Zulaikhah Adinda (1 month ago)
You are more beatiful without make up in your face sista..
Cristine Joy Viernes (1 month ago)
The gel mist is it okay for oily skin?
Lyila two (1 month ago)
Omg what will happen when I dip my nail on the product cuz I’m doing that all the time😱
Manesori Suwal (1 month ago)
Is this useful for pigment
Gek Oksmi (1 month ago)
I like your english... Very easy for me for understand😊😊😁... And I like your video....
Alessandra Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Hola no sé Inglés pero aquí ando
kaota (2 months ago)
MUMUSO is NOT a Korean brand. MUMUSO is a Chinese company and its products are imitations of Korean brands. Please stop pretending that you are Korean company. You are nothing but selling low-quality product stealing image of Korea you guys, check this out. you can understand what i say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPiFLd1Fi7I
iamshly carangan (2 months ago)
san po pede makabili ng mga products na yan??
cheche che (2 months ago)
Where can i buy those product in philippines. . Anyone suggestions🙏
Can i still ise some aloe vera product?? Because i try some aloe vera cleanser from mumuso and it cause dry skin and some tiny bumps but originally i didn't have pimples just tiny bumps. And also can i use toner?? Because im only 15
Heyitsroma hihi (3 months ago)
I am using the real aloe vera btw which is better?
silvia nafisah (3 months ago)
I love your skin😭😍😍
Phia Geronimo (3 months ago)
Is it okay if I'm using aloe vera gel then I'll use jeju volcanic pore?
Sowon소원 (3 months ago)
San po kayo bumili? Pa sabi po thanks
Dezzy beauty (4 months ago)
i use skinfood honey gel and its so perfect
I feel there is a great method to learn more about beauty tips. Go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". There are plenty of of unheard information given here.
Hurrah At last worked
really nice.
Gudiya Mulani (4 months ago)
Omg ur lips shade wow😍pls tell me ur lips shade name? Which brand
catty cat3 (5 months ago)
You look so beautiful with/without makeup 😇
zeynep konlu (5 months ago)
After you've used the aroe vera gel and your skin has improved and your pimples have gone all and you stop using it,will they come back ?
Mutia Ekaputri (5 months ago)
I love the way u talking❤
Boy Boy (5 months ago)
Is there available nature republic products in watsons?
shree jana (5 months ago)
Where can I get this products from? I m in Australia.
alexa beauty101 (5 months ago)
Are she have oily skin?
Angelou Sia (6 months ago)
If i use it in the morning also, do i need to rinse after 30min? And that's it?
VerChachie Angeles (6 months ago)
Where can i buy all of them?
Baehankook Zqh (6 months ago)
I wanna ask something. Anyone who knows please answer me. If we hv our own skincare product,when can we apply it on our face as a mask ? Like i mean,someone that using a full skincare product,first step,they gonna wash their face n then apply the toner n then the moisturizer and lastly their night cream. So,when can we use the aloe vera gel as a mask? Apply it on our face before doing all of our skincare product routine or what? Could someone explain it to me?
BeatBoX- Nepal (6 months ago)
She is looking beautiful without makeup
Santosh Gupta (7 months ago)
all genuine allovera products user contact us 8433755924
Grace Saavedra (7 months ago)
where to buy this product?
a b (7 months ago)
Where do you buy your aloe vera stuff?
Helena Chou (7 months ago)
I use aloe gel as moisturizer and my skin feel so soft. After watching your video I'm going to switch to Aloe Vera Gel mask for my face down to chest area.
Kian Siong (8 months ago)
Can guy try this ? Omg how will people react to me buying these
Kian Siong Of course. I have a lot of straight male friends who have their own skin care routine. I know 2 or 3 who use aloe vera gel too.
Tu lan (8 months ago)
Can you make a video how to do your hair look today? Please 😄😁😀😂
kurt Melvin (8 months ago)
What is the possible cause of pimple in Lips ? Like beside the lips ..
kurt Melvin Toothpaste. You could be allergic to some ingredient in the toothpaste you're using
pjmicr _ (8 months ago)
You're so pretty😭😭😭 imma learn how to take care of my skin now as I always have pimples growing on my nose, one after another and my mom said that my face is disfigured ;-;
Liza's Beauty Tips (9 months ago)
thank u for the tips
edranzelle doll (9 months ago)
Aloe vera products are real good...it soothes my skin and erase my blemishes but i don't use it like every single night,i alternate it with retinol...good review though
Eloisa Collera (10 months ago)
Check out my review of aloe vera gel :) https://t.co/ABP0Sj7i31
Ria Kaimuddin (10 months ago)
sharma ji (10 months ago)
if u want forever living products available here
Amy Callahan (10 months ago)
Where can i buy the products that you use?
Julie Ann Sanson Rojas (10 months ago)
hello ma'am saan po mkabili ng Ganyan?
kkaebsong_baek (10 months ago)
I was just about to say I like your eyebrows *wipes it off* wow I should've expected that
Such natural beauty 🌸
john darwin tayson (10 months ago)
if you know the real smell of aloe vera from the real plant im sure you wouldn't want to smell it again
Cheryl Alcantara (2 days ago)
john darwin tayson 😂😂😂smell like armpit body odour
True. We used to have aloe plant when i was a kid hahahaha
toasterneko (1 month ago)
I put in a few drops of 15% Tea Tree oil and that just makes the smell go away;;
Ani Nur Mariam (2 months ago)
Yes disgusting smell and bitter but amazing stuff
Celestial. dreamer (2 months ago)
john darwin tayson taste as well
Lia Luu (10 months ago)
Hi Gorgeous Dipa!!!!!! I have a question, have you tried the Aloe vera soothing gel from The Face Shop? Is it effective as the Nature Republic? I hope u answer mu question. Thanks in advance!
Rasila Thapa (10 months ago)
Is Aloe Vera gel good for dry skin? So proud to see a Nepali You tuber 💕 Lots of love di❤️
Nur Erawati (11 months ago)
how you can get the aloe vera gel from nature republic? what the OL Shop name?please share...
garima sharma (11 months ago)
Plz share these products
Santosh Saha (11 months ago)
allovera all products avaliable in our company please contact 9110910516
Santosh Saha (11 months ago)
allovera all products purchased in less price me contact 9110910516
Rica Alacon (11 months ago)
Where can I buy nature republic aloe vera gel mask here in philippines? I hope someone will answer me Thank you ☺
from shopee madami pong murang product beware lang po sa fake
Kris Era (11 months ago)
Can I use aloe vera gel together with other moisturizer? (specifically clinique moisturizer gel)
Ana Novinc (11 months ago)
I love how your hair looks. Can you please make a tutorial of this hair doe? And the make up is soo beautiful 😍
DIannemartinnnne (11 months ago)
Aloe vera has help my skin a lot to make it more clearer and brighter please checkout and subscribe to my channel thanks
renny (11 months ago)
Help!!! I started the 10 step Koran skin care and I noticed I have more acne breakout like in places I never had before and I don't know why. Like I was thinking g it's because my skin is dry and the extra moisture is just too much to handle. Please help!!!
Jailie Vang (11 months ago)
renny sometimes it's natural for acne to appear when you start using new skincare products, so just try to wait for a couple of days. If the acne is still there, then stop using the products.
Rahma Duwi Jayanti (11 months ago)
where can u buy these all products,jakarta here❤️
KA TV (11 months ago)
You're still beautiful without make up ❤️
Salima Haque (11 months ago)
Does the aloe vera gel grow facial hair?
Sammy Wong (11 months ago)
I'm going to try with the fresh aloe Vera cuz my grandfather plants it 😂
dresp mhor (11 months ago)
I'm using aloe vera gel.. its very good.. it cured my acne(not the scars.. but it lightened? )i haven't seen the moisturiser yet here in taiwan try search.. for it... #excited
Ah Noch (11 months ago)
I used aloevera face washing and moisturizing gel....and I'm not sure if it's because of the products or my routine....there're papules break out on my nose that I've never seen before...I used to see only pimples and not this big...my mom who used it(aloevera) also has some papules break out
LinShii (11 months ago)
I like it. Because u very lovely. ❤️🌷
Zizaira Zaragoza (1 year ago)
Ang cute ng accent huhuhuhuhu💕💕💕💕😍
Rochelle Mae Pesito (1 year ago)
Where did you buy the aloe eye gel?
Peaches and Cream (1 year ago)
where can u buy these products?
Tereso Lanzon (1 year ago)
where can we buy of this products ?
Nioedhyl Catapan (1 year ago)
where can we buy nature republic aloevera gel??
Hani Yukumi (1 year ago)
can u make a video what type of lipbalm should we buy to get pink lips xD
Ann (1 year ago)
Hi guys! You should try our Aloe Vera Products especially the Aloe Vera Gel. The products are manufactured in Australia and it contains 98-99% pure organic aloe vera. Mas concentrated kaysa sa Korean or any other brand :) Check out ALOECAREPH on facebook and Instagram! :) Thank you :)
Ferjoy Geronaga (11 months ago)
Do you give a free sample of your product??
Regine Marie Langrio (1 year ago)
Too much of introductions. 🙄🙄
where did u buy all those products? thanks.. filipina here ♥
Lovely gabutero (1 year ago)
san pwedi maka bili nito?
ur so pretty ❤
Kim Ann (1 year ago)
Pls update us on the productss :)
Ina Fel (1 year ago)
is it safe to use for sensitive skin?
Girl On Fleek (1 year ago)
She is adorable 😍😩
Babe Rai (1 year ago)
my skin is so dull.. its so dull that i look like a sick person. how to treat my skin? Pls help me out
Chinchin Dane (1 year ago)
hi gdiipa where i can buy those products i find it online but its none please i want to buy. thank you godbless :)
Erika D (1 year ago)
This is such an amazing and simple skin care routine, your skin look amazing. I would like to know what is your skin type??
mimi xoxo (1 year ago)
where did u buy the eye cream and dabo moisturizer.
Aliana Jaena (1 year ago)
where can i buy aloe vera gel?
Gee Magat (1 year ago)
where can i buy ur aloe eye gel? :)
camilla saviel (1 year ago)
does it smell the same
Ma. Cristina Lozada (1 year ago)
It's that available here in Japan ?
Sub (1 year ago)
where did u bought all the aloe vera product ?
Gabriela Aivelce (1 year ago)
where do i buy these? from philippines
Angelika Cotejo (1 year ago)
Gabriel Eclevia try althea korea ph
Chinchin Dane (1 year ago)
Where do you buy the dabo moisturizer? I think its not in nature republic
Chinchin Dane (1 year ago)
What country are you from your so beautiful with or without make up are you a half something? Thank you
Nissa Ayamegirl (1 year ago)
how i removed my peklat?
Potat O (1 year ago)
Idk why but she reminds me of cash me ousside
GURUNG DIIPA (1 year ago)
Potat O "How bout dah!?" ;p

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