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Beauty Haul (City Color , NYC, Wet n Wild, etc) | Savira Millenita

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Hi guysss ! So in this video I will do beauty haul, all products in this video I bought within 1 month and my purpose is just to share to you all, not to show off If you enjoy the video don’t forget to click the LIKE button and if you have any questions/critics/suggestions please leave it on the comment section below and lastly don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :) - PRODUCT I MENTION – Rilakkuma X A'PIEU air-fit cushion L.A Girl PRO.conceal (yellow corrector & natural) NYC eyeshadow pallete lovatics by Demi (natural) Wet n Wild color icon eyeshadow collection (comfort zone) City Color contour & define Jordana modern matte lipstick (01 matte bare) Nabi matte longlasting lipgloss (natural) Laneige basic duo set_moisture The Odbo peeling gel Esfolio aloevera soothing gel Find me on Instagram : saviramillenita Snapchat : saviramillenita Ask.fm : smillenita THANKS FOR WATCHING ! Have a good day guyssss :))))
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Text Comments (20)
anwar durjana (11 months ago)
kak aku suda subscribe
Natasya Aurelia (1 year ago)
Review ttg laneige td dong savira milenita
ekrisyen duha (1 year ago)
Kak aku suka vido kaka di youtub, produk esfoLio itu made in korea ya..??
kak review dong make up buat kulit wajah yg berminyak sama untuk bibir pecah",soalnya aku ga pede kalo pake make up apa lagi lipstik karna bibir aku pecah"gitu
Muliana Baharuddin (1 year ago)
kak beli aloe vera nya dimana ?? baby cousen nya ?
Selvia Utomo (1 year ago)
aloevera beli dmn ?
Joan Michelle (1 year ago)
hi kak,aloeveranya beli dmna??
Shireen Sumerry (1 year ago)
Pengen esfolioNya 😭😭😭
Syifa Meuthia (1 year ago)
esfolio aloeveranya beli dimana savira?
Vanny Susanto (1 year ago)
rilakkuma cusion ny bli dmn ya?
widiastuti nurita (1 year ago)
Tips cara mengecilkan pori2x doong
ghina ar (1 year ago)
hai kamu lebih recomended nyc eyeshadow lovatic atau wet n wild comfort zone?
Savira Millenita (1 year ago)
Haii Ghina pribadi nih aku sukaaa banget sma keduanya, kalo disuruh plih yg mana agak bngung sih..tapi kl msalnya kamu sukanya yg lebih natural gt nyc lebih oke krn ad wrn matte nya, tp kl mw lebih wow gt wet n wild cocokk deh :) smg bermanfaat
Muthia Annisa (1 year ago)
review dong apieu air fit foundationnya 😊
TheMoments (1 year ago)
That eyeshadow palette looks beautiful! Loved your haul! I have also just shared my beauty haul, if you want to check it out :) x
Nindy Saviera Putri (1 year ago)
Apieu dibacanya opyu hehe 😄
One Hip Sistah (1 year ago)
Nice haul! I just found some good deals at the Dollar Tree and Walgreens on Wet N Wild makeup and brushes. It's in my latest video. I'm subbed, feel free to do the same. Have an amazing day diva!
Graciella Widyananda (1 year ago)
cii bikin what's on my bag / morning routine video gitu dongg😁
Savira Millenita (1 year ago)
okeey noted yaaa😁

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