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Easy Night Out Makeup Look | Savira Millenita

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Hi guysss ! If you enjoy the video don’t forget to click the LIKE button and if you have any questions/critics/suggestions please leave it on the comment section below and lastly don't forget to SUBSCRIBE :) Find me on Instagram : saviramillenita Snapchat : saviramillenita Ask.fm : smillenita THANKS FOR WATCHING ! Have a good day guyssss :))))
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Text Comments (16)
Oni Rahmawatie (2 months ago)
Lipstiknya Maybelline shade berapa kak?
Priya jessy (3 months ago)
try to mention shades
Ambar Wati (3 months ago)
Oliv Anisa (3 months ago)
Buat skincare routine donk kak...
Izar Pangestu (3 months ago)
unch cece kami 😘😘
Heavenia Raissa (3 months ago)
Maybelline fit menya shade apa?
Ghina Kamila (3 months ago)
Make up graduation dong ka
Savira Millenita (3 months ago)
Ghina Kamila udah pernah bikin, di cek ya https://youtu.be/nuI8gMdMFH0 😙
Raditya.Oktavia Putri (3 months ago)
ka buat night skincare routine dong
Gusti Putri (3 months ago)
Yannura Music (3 months ago)
Background nya samaan ciyehh :v
Anisa Putri (3 months ago)
makin cantik dan rapi😻
Yunita Dwi (3 months ago)
Like ke 9 ❤❤❤❤
Gita Jambi (3 months ago)
Third 😊
Kartika Setiawati (3 months ago)
Kartika Setiawati (3 months ago)

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